How can I double book appointments?

Depending on the appointment that’s been booked and the number of team members you have working, there might be times when you’re able to juggle two clients at the same time or have multiple appointments overlap. 

To double book an appointment: 

  1. Click on Add new add_new.png and selecting New appointment
  2. Once you’ve added your appointment information, including client name, services, team members, and start time, click Save and your appointment will be added to your calendar. 
  3. When you go to view the appointment in your Calendar, you’ll be able to see where your appointments overlap. 


Double book an existing appointment

To double book an appointment that’s already been added to your calendar, you can do one of the following:

  • Drag and drop appointments to become double booked (only available on desktop or devices without a touchscreen).
  • Select the appointment you’re looking to move, click More Options three_dots.png, Reschedule and choose where on the calendar you'd like it to be moved to.
  • Click on the appointment, go to More Options three_dots.png, Edit and change the start time to one that overlaps with another appointment.

PRO TIP: Our processing time feature allows you to indicate how much development time a service requires, for example, hair bleaching or a facial mask. This feature allows you to free up time for another client while your first client's treatment is still processing. Click here to find out how to set processing times for your services.

NOTE: Clients cannot double book appointments when booking online. Only team members with login access can double book appointments should they choose to. 

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