How do I add resources and allocate them to my services?

Nogle af de tjenester, du tilbyder, kan kræve en bestemt maskine eller et bestemt lokale, og du skal sørge for, at dine ressourcer aldrig bliver dobbeltbooket. To prevent double-booking, you can create and allocate your resources to specific services.

Add a resource 

  1. Go to Business settings settings.png and select Resources.
  2. If you have multiple locations, choose which location this resource is located at from the dropdown.
  3. Click New Resource add_new.png.
  4. Add your resource Name, for example, Massage Room and Description
  5. Save changes.

Allocate resources to services

Once your resources have been added, you'll need to allocate them to services. This means that when that service is booked, the resource will automatically be assigned to the appointment.

To allocate a resource to a service:

  1. Go to Services and select the services you’d like to allocate this resource to.
  2. Scroll down to Resources and use the sliding scale enable.png to enable resources required for the service.
  3. Click blue_tick.png next to the resources you’d like to assign to the service.
  4. Save changes. 

PRO TIP: A resource can be assigned to multiple services. For example, a room could be used for facials, waxing, and massages. You can also assign multiple resources to a single service if you need that service to be available in other rooms, so make sure you assign all of the relevant resources to a service when making your edits.

View resources in your calendar

Each resource has its own calendar, where you’ll be able to view all the bookings for a specific resource at once.

To view the calendar for a resource:

  1. Go to your Calendar and click filter.png.
  2. Scroll down to Resources and choose which resource you’d like to view or All resources to check the availability for all.  
  3. Use the date filter to check the availability of your resources on that date.

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