How do I create a custom section for my form?

Custom sections allow you to create questions that are specific to the needs of your business and clients. Once you’ve started creating your form, you can create a custom section by following these simple steps:

  1. Click on Custom section, choose what type of custom section you’d like to create, and click Add section.
  2. Give your section a title and add a description if you wish to.
  3. Click on add_new_service.png to add a question. There are a number of different answer types for you to choose from: Short answer, Long answer, Choose one, Checkbox, Multiple choice, Drop-down, Yes or no, and Text.
  4. Choose your answer type and click Add question.
  5. Add the question you’d like to ask and use the sliding scale enable.png to decide whether an answer is Required and clickScreenshot_2020-11-10_at_11.19.16.png. If you’ve selected Multiple choice, Drop-down, or Choose one as your question type, click Add next answer to add options for your clients to choose from.
  6. Click Add new question to add more questions, you can add as many as you like.

Once you’re happy with the questions you’ve created, you can move on to the next section you’d like to add.

NOTE: To duplicate, edit or rearrange the order of the sections you’ve created, click Screenshot_2020-10-27_at_13.32.42.png next to the section you’d like to edit and choose which change you’d like to make from the drop-down.

PRO TIP: To delete, duplicate or rearrange the order of your questions, click on the question you’d like to edit and select the Screenshot_2020-11-19_at_15.41.31.png to duplicate, the Screenshot_2020-11-19_at_15.38.38.png to delete or the Screenshot_2020-11-19_at_15.41.50.pngarrows to move it up or down. Click Screenshot_2020-11-10_at_11.19.16.png to confirm changes.

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