How do I complete a partial stocktake?

Partial stocktakes usually involve checking the stock levels of a small section of your inventory, such as a brand, product type, or those received from a specific supplier. Many businesses are able to complete these during their regular open hours to help keep your inventory accurate throughout the year. 

To perform a partial stocktake, start a normal stock take and only count the products you would like to be included. In the review stage, click on Uncounted and exclude all products from stocktake to only include products that you’ve counted. 

To complete a partial stocktake, follow these steps;

  1. Follow steps 1-8 outlined in How do I complete a stocktake?
  2. Once you’ve finished scanning all of the products you’d like to include in your stocktake, click Review stocktake.
  3. Any stock that hasn’t been counted will be displayed under the Uncounted filter. If you’d like to exclude these items from your stocktake, click Exclude all uncounted items.
  4. Once you’re happy with the items you’ve counted, click Complete stocktake. Your inventory records will be automatically updated and a report generated for any discrepancies in your inventory levels, including cost figures and missing stock. Head to Stocktakes to view all of your Cancelled, Completed, and Paused stocktakes.

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