Sending a multichannel blast campaign

Multichannel campaigns allow you to maximise the reach of your campaign to clients.  When sending a multichannel campaign you first create beautiful content with our drag & drop builder and then share that content over both email and text. Clients with a phone number will receive a personalised link via text that displays your content in their web browser.

To send a multichannel blast campaign, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Promote > Blast campaigns
  2. Click New message and select Multichannel as your channel. 
  3. Choose an existing template from our Fresha library or select Start from scratch to build your own. 
  4. Personalise your email using the drag & drop builder listed on the left-hand side.
  5. Configure how your email will appear in the inbox of your recipients. This includes the sender name and subject as well as the preview.
  6. Personalise your text message that will be sent to clients that have a phone number associated with their profile
  7. Choose your audience you would like to send your message to. You can amend the clients selected by clicking Edit
  8. Choose a payment method and send your message

NOTE: The cost of your blast campaign is based on how many emails and text messages are sent. The cost of a text message is dependent on the length of your text message content.

NOTE: If you no longer want to offer a deal that has been sent within an email blast you are easily able to deactivate it. Simply head to Deals, click the 3 dots on the deal associated with your campaign and select Deactivate. This will ensure that clients are no longer able to use the offer within the email.

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