What is happening to special prices?

We're excited to let you know about some recent changes we've made to Fresha to help you run promotions more effectively. Our new tools include discount codes, off-peak pricing, last-minute offers, and flash sales that allow you to instantly change prices. Simplifying pricing setup even further, we are removing special prices from your services.

We understand that this change may affect your business, so we want to provide you with all the necessary information.

What are special prices?

Special prices are discounts that can be applied to products and services. If a special price is set for a product or a service, clients will see the retail price crossed out, and the special price becomes the price they use to book or buy your items.

Why is Fresha removing special prices?

We are removing them because we have introduced a better way to manage discounts with more advanced options: discount codes, off-peak pricing, last-minute offers, and flash sales.

What should I use instead of special prices?

You can use deals to apply discounts to products and services, and adjust retail prices for permanent changes.

NOTE: Learn more on how to create and manage deals available in Fresha.

What happens after special prices are removed?

After the removal, your services and products will display their corresponding retail prices instead of special prices.

To preserve your prices, we will create and activate Flash sales for each unique discount value you offer. Here's an example, suppose you have:

  • Service A with a retail price of $15, a special price of $10, and a 33% discount; 
  • Service B with a retail price of $24, a special price of $16, and a 33% discount;
  • Service C with a retail price of $40, a special price of $20, and a 50% discount.

We will create two Flash sales: "Services special price 33% off" for Services A and B and "Service special price 50% off" for Service C.

Please, note that if you have a large number of different discounts, or your services have special prices per team member or location, we will be unable to create Flash sales. If that is the case, we will provide additional time for you to replace special prices, but eventually, we will have to remove all special prices without creating Flash sales.

How exactly can I apply Flash sales?

If you have Fresha product store or online profile, Flash sales will be automatically applied to the prices your clients see. However, if you add products or services at the Point of Sale, you will need to manually select a Flash sale for each item.

How can I access my special prices after the removal?

We will be allowing you to access your special prices in CSV format until May 30, 2023. If you have any problems or concerns, please contact us by sending an email to hello@fresha.com with the subject «Special price removal».

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