Apply Staff Commissions

You may wish to compensate staff by providing them with a commission for every service they provide. Calculating staff commissions by hand can get complicated quite quickly, so we've designed a simple approach allowing Shedul to calculate staff commissions for you. 

To set up staff commissions:

1. From the main menu, go to Staff > Staff Members

2. Select a Staff Member, and click on the Commission tab


3. Add the percentage of commission for Services, Products and Vouchers for that staff member.

4. Save your changes.

Once you have added your commission levels, you'll want to make a decision on whether you want commissions to be calculated on the sales value before or after discounts and taxes. To adjust these settings:

1. Navigate to Setup > Sales Settings

2. Select whether you want to apply sales commissions before or after discounts and taxes


3. Click Save Changes.

NOTE: Commissions are based on invoices (paid or unpaid) that are created after the commission rates are set up. They will not be applied to historically raised invoices, and past invoices cannot be edited.

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