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It's good business practice for owners and managers to control what their team has access to within their Fresha account. For example, service providers may only need access to their own calendars, whereas management may need access to all employee calendars and financial reports. Fresha gives account owners the ability to enable and control log-in access for all staff and administrators.

In this article we have listed the steps on how to provide full and restricted log in access to your account: 

    1. Define your permission levels
    2. Apply permission levels to your staff
    3. Remove or adjust staff access

1. Define your permission levels

Setting up and applying your permission levels could not be easier. Follow these steps to set up four different access levels:

1. From the menu, go to Staff > Permission Levels

2. Review and adjust permission levels according to your needs. Our general recommendation for access levels are:

  • Basic for viewing access
  • Low for service providers
  • Medium for admin and receptionists
  • High for management 
  • Owner, by default, has access to all sections

3. Save your changes


If you have multiple locations, you will also see permission levels as to whether you would like to grant access for a staff member to all locations, or just the location to which they're assigned


TIP: It's best practice to allow administration and reception staff access to all locations. This allows your staff to book appointments for other locations in case there is no availability at theirs, creating a smooth client experience.  

Permissions define which restrictions are applied to staff and enable them to carry out functions based on the limitations you set.

For example, a staff member who has Can see client contact info unticked will see the first 4 letters of the client's email, the last 4 digits of their mobile, and just their first name including the first letter of their last name. This reduced visibility is applied at the appointment level when using the search function and on the calendar.

NOTE: This does not restrict them from creating new clients.


Whereas Can book Appointments left unticked limits the staff members ability to book appointments into the calendar and will restrict staff from creating new clients.

NOTE: Staff who have access to the Staff Members and Permission Levels tabs can grant access to other users.

2. Apply permission levels to your staff

1. From the main menu, head to Staff > Staff Members

2. Select the staff member from your list and click the User Permission button below their email address: 


3. Apply the level of access you would like to grant.

4. Click Save to apply.

 If you choose to give a staff member any level of access, the staff member will be sent an email to create their own password for login access.

TIP: The email for staff members to set up their accounts may take a minute to arrive, and it may land in your junk mail folder. 

NOTE: An email address can only be used once, so if their email is added as an admin on the account already (or with another business using Fresha) then you won't be able to give them access under that same address.

Staff will either need to use a different email address or they can email us directly at hello@fresha.com so we can help free up their email address. 

3. Remove or adjust staff access

Once a staff member has been given access, you may choose to change or remove their access. For example, if a staff member no longer works with you, you may need to remove their access altogether. 

In order to change access, simply go to Staff Membersselect the employee whose access level you wish to change, and adjust their User Permission level. If you change their access level to No Access, the staff member will automatically be logged out, and they will no longer have access to your account. 

NOTE: In case you plan on deleting a staff member, we recommend you initially remove their login access to give you time to review their future appointments.

Important Information

We do not recommend giving a staff member or administrator access to the Setup area unless absolutely necessary, as this can include sensitive information relating to your business and Fresha account.

We also strongly recommend that you do not ever share your account login details (email address, password) with other staff members. No employee at Fresha will ever ask you for your log-in information or password. 

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