Create Discount Types

Pre-set discounts allow for easy application during checkout and ensure for better tracking in reports.

How to create pre-set discount types

When completing a sale for your users and raising an invoice, you may wish to apply a pre-set discount, such as a standard student discount, senior discount or promotional $10 off. 

Follow these steps on how to set up your unlimited, customizable discount types:

1. From the left-hand Navigation Menu, click on Setup > Discount Types. Click the green button inviting you to add a New Discount:

2. Apply the Discount Name along with the Discount Value. You may apply either a percentage discount (e.g. 15% off) or a fixed discount (e.g. $5 off)

3. Then specify whether you want to allow your discounts to be applied to Services, Products, and/or Vouchers. 


4. Once decided, click Save to complete

NOTE: Un-ticking one of the options will make it impossible to apply to that sale type. For example, in this scenario, Senior Citizens will be able to receive 15% off on all Services, Products and Vouchers. However, if 15% were to be unselected for Vouchers, then the Senior Citizen discount will not appear as a Discount Type option during the sale of a Voucher. 

TIP: Discounts will never be applied automatically to any service. You will need to apply the discount at the point of sale.

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