How do I create a discount type?

Once you’ve completed an appointment and you raise an invoice for your client, you may wish to apply a discount to a product or service. By creating discount types in advance, you can easily apply them to your products and services when you get to checkout and keep track of their success rate in your Discount summary reports

To create a discount type:

  1. Go to Setup settings.png and select Discount Types
  2. Click Add new add_new.png.
  3. Create a Discount name and Discount Value. You can apply either a percentage discount, for example 15% off or a fixed discount like £10 off.
  4. Click the blue_tick.png next to the service, product, or voucher you’d like the discount to apply to.
  5. Save changes. 

PRO TIP: Discounts will never be applied automatically to any service. You will need to apply the discount when you get to checkout.

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