Redeem A Voucher

At Fresha, you can redeem a voucher just as you would any other payment type.

How to redeem a voucher

Fresha issues voucher codes on your behalf to ensure ease of selling, tracking, and redemption. As a result, you do not need to worry about importing and redeeming complicated, third-party voucher codes.

This article will show you how to:

1. Redeem gift vouchers and service vouchers

2. Track and locate voucher codes

3. Managing expired vouchers

4. Redeem vouchers issued by your previous system

1. Redeem gift vouchers and service vouchers

When you're ready to redeem a voucher, you can retrieve your code in one of two ways. Either the client can present their voucher code from their original invoice, or you can locate it under Sales > Vouchers.

Once the code is ready for redemption:

  1. Select the Appointment and click Checkout
  2. Select Voucher as required Payment TypeScreen-Shot-2018-06-15-at-11.15.51.jpg
  3. Type the Voucher Code into the search bar to locate the voucher
  4. Once the voucher has been located, select Redeem Voucher Screen_Shot_2018-06-14_at_14.42.43.png Screen_Shot_2018-06-14_at_14.42.18.png
  5.  Select Complete Sale to raise the invoice. The invoice will display the used codes as payment. 

 2. Track and locate voucher codes

If you're having difficulty finding a code, you can track and locate all vouchers sold under Sales > Vouchers. You'll be able to adjust the filter view by Unpaid, Valid, Expired, Redeemed and Refunded, and be able to search for specific clients.


 3. Managing expired vouchers

Once a voucher has expired, it is not possible to redeem this voucher or extend the expiration dates. At this point, it is your decision as to whether you would like to honor the voucher or not. 

Should the business choose to honor the expired voucher, there are two options that can be taken:

  1. Check out the appointment and apply a pre-set 100% discount called "Expired Vouchers".
  2. Reissue a new voucher, but apply a pre-set 100% discount called "Extend Voucher"

To see more information on how to create your own discount types, click here.

Both routes will ensure that the client's appointment is redeemed and tracked but ensures a duplicate voucher sale is not created.

 4. Redeem vouchers issued by your previous system

In case you have switched from another software provider, you may have already issued voucher codes from the other system that you would like to honor. 

In this scenario, we would recommend creating a unique Payment Type called "Old Vouchers". This will allow you to redeem the old vouchers but differentiate these vouchers within your Payment Reports. 

  1. Go to Setup > Payment Types
  2. Select New Payment Type and add the payment type name (e.g. Old Vouchers)
  3. Screen-Shot-2018-06-15-at-13.50.21.jpg
  4. Click Save
  5. Old Voucher will now appear as a selectable option during check out, and will be differentiated in your payments reports


TIP: It's also possible to track your old voucher codes. Should you wish to, on the payments page, select More Options > Invoice Details where you'll be given the add Invoice Notes. These will appear directly on the invoice. 


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