How do I add staff breaks and block time?

There are two ways you can block time and schedule breaks for your staff:

1. Add a repeating break (split shift)

When you have a regularly scheduled break, like staff lunches, you can apply split shifts directly to your staff's working hours. These breaks will then be added automatically each day, and can be adjusted for any day of the week.

  1. Go to Staff and select Staff Working Hours.
  2. Use the drop-down menu to filter your calendar by staff member or All staff at each location.
  3. Choose which day you’d like to update or click on a shift that's already been set.
  4. Select when a Shift Starts and when a Shift Ends, and then click Add Another Shift. The end of your first shift will signify the beginning of the break. 
  5. Select the hours of the second shift of your employee. The beginning of the second shift will signify the end of the break.
  6. Set to Don't Repeat or to Repeat Weekly.
  7. Click Save. 

Breaks between shifts will appear as greyed out when staff members are unavailable on your calendar. If you’ve set shifts to Repeat Weekly, the same break time will show on your calendar each week as an Ongoing shift or until a Specific date.

2. Add a block time slot to the calendar (one-time)

Blocking out time in your calendar is useful when scheduling irregular breaks or staff meetings where your staff won't be able to take appointments. You can keep track of these appointments using our Block Time feature on the Calendar:

  1. Go to your calendar and click Add new (or the Screenshot_2020-09-21_at_15.12.33.png icon when using the app). 
  2. Select New Block Time and click and drag the time you're looking to block out.  
  3. Add a Description to remind you why the Blocked Time has been scheduled for like a lunch meeting or staff training. 
  4. Select Save to block this time on your calendar.                                           

PRO TIP: You can also add block time by clicking on the staff member's name at the top of your calendar and selecting Add blocked time.   

Once your Block Time has been added, your staff will be notified if they attempt to create an appointment that overlaps with a blocked time period. Additionally, clients won't be able to book online during blocked times. 

NOTE: To delete blocked time from your calendar, click on the time you’d like to remove and Delete.

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