Add & Delete Multiple Locations

If your business operates in multiple locations, you'll want the ability to manage your schedules, reports, and product sales separately for each location. We'll show you how to add and delete multiple locations. 

How to add and delete multiple locations

You'll want to create a new location on Fresha for as many different physical venues where your receive clients. You may create as many bookings as you like.

This article will show you:

1. How to add a location

2. How to delete a location

How to add a location

  1. From the main menu, go to Setup > Locations
  2. Click New Location > Add all of your Location contact detailsScreenshot-2019-09-27-at-13.34.37.gif
  3. Screenshot-2019-09-27-at-13.36.03.gif
  4. Tap SaveScreenshot-2019-09-27-at-13.36.16.gif

Each location has a NameAddress, Email Address and Contact Details. Locations can also be re-arranged, so simply select to drag-and-drop to adjust how your location orders are displayed. 

TIP: The Location Name and Address are the details that will be shared with customers when making online bookings, and will be printed on invoices, so it is important to fill them out!
You can also add email address per location. This means, should a client reply to their client email notifications, the replies can go straight to that location's inbox. 


How to delete a location

You may need to remove a location from your Fresha account if you are no longer operating from there. Before you're able to delete the location, you'll need to ensure that there are no future appointments booked with any staff for that particular location.

To remove all future appointments:

  1. Head to Sales > Appointments
  2. Change the filter to said location, update the date range to All Time and click View 
  3. In this view, you'll see all future appointments that will need to be removed. You can remove these appointments by clicking each future appointment and canceling them

TIP: In case you plan on re-assigning upcoming appointments to another location, we recommend that you export this list before removing all future appointments.

Now that you have canceled all future appointments at this particular location, your location can be deleted. To delete your location:

  1. On the left-hand Navigation menu, click Setup > Locations
  2. Select the location you wish to remove, and click the red Delete button
  3. A notification will pop up to confirm whether you really want to delete it. Click the Delete button again to delete the location.

NOTE: Deleting a location is permanent, and cannot be retrieved by anybody once completed. We do not recommend deleting a location for seasonal or temporary closures. Unpaid Invoices, as well as pending orders of products at that location will need to be cancelled in order to fully delete the location. 

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