How do I remove a team member from my workspace?

When a team member leaves the business, you can choose to permanently delete them from your workspace, archive them in case they plan on returning or simply suspend their accounts by removing their shifts.

Archive a team member

Archiving team members is a useful way to keep your team member list clean while retaining important information about prior team members. To archive a team member:

  1. Go to Business settings and select Team members
  2. Find the team member you’re looking to archive.
  3. Select Actions and Archive the team member.

If the team member has any future appointments assigned to them, an alert will pop up and all future appointments for this staff member will need to be cancelled or reassigned to another staff member before their profile can be archived.

NOTE: Fresha will not delete any appointment information when a team member is archived. You will no longer be able to access their calendar, but the team member's full appointment and sales history can be viewed under your Appointments list, Reports, or individual customer records.

PRO TIP: Make a note of the archived team member's working hours to make sure their shifts are covered by someone else if you still wish to have as much booking availability as before. 

Unarchive a team member

When a team member returns to your business you can unarchive them and restore their team member profile:

  1. Go to Business settings and select Team members.
  2. Click Filters and use the Status filter to show archived team members.
  3. Find the team member you’re looking to unarchive.
  4. Select Actions and Unarchive the team member.

NOTE: If your business has multiple locations you will need to assign the team member to one or more locations after unarchiving them. This can be done by opening the team member profile and editing the 'Works at' setting.

PRO TIP: After unarchiving a team member make sure to set up their new shift pattern by going to Business settings and selecting Working hours

Permanently delete a team member

If you are sure that a team member will never return to your business you may choose to permanently delete them from your workspace:

  1. Go to Business settings and select Team members.
  2. Click Filters and use the Status filter to show archived team members.
  3. Find the team member you’re looking to permanently delete.
  4. Select Actions and Permanently delete the team member.

NOTE: A team member must be archived before they can be permanently deleted. Ensure that you first archive the team member before attempting to permanently delete them.

Suspend a team member

If you have any seasonal team members or one who's going to be away for an extended period of time, you’ll want to make sure they cannot be assigned to any appointments or have their services booked online. To suspend a team member: 

  1. Go to Business settings and select Working hours.
  2. Locate the team member from the list.
  3. Click on their working hours for each day, and select Delete this shift. You can also click the Edit icon by the team member's name and select Delete all shifts
  4. Once deleted, click the Edit icon again and select Edit team member.
  5. Under Booking, use the toggle to disable calendar booking. 
  6. Save changes.

Reassign appointments

You can’t delete a team member if they have any future appointments scheduled. You’ll need to reassign them to other team members or cancel them.

To find all future appointments:

  1. Go to Sales and select Appointments.
  2. Use filter.png to filter by Team member, Location, Channel and Status. Click Apply.
  3. Under Appointments, click on the time period, go to Date range and select All time.
  4. Click Apply.

From here you can go to each appointment by clicking on the Ref #, and manage the appointment to Edit, Reschedule, or Cancel.

Remove team permissions

This is used in the event where a team member has a lot of future appointments and you need to remove their access to Fresha quickly. 

  1. Go to Business settings and select Team members.
  2. Click on the team member whose permissions you’re looking to update.
  3. From the side menu, click on Settings.
  4. Under Permission level, slide the scale down to No access.
  5. Save changes.

NOTE: Deleted team members will automatically have their access removed and will be logged out of any device that they are logged into.

 Leave a workspace as a team member 

Team members are also able to leave workspaces through their own accounts. This allows them to leave without having to delete their current account, making it easier for seasonal team members to return or work at other businesses using Fresha during their off-season at your business. 

  1. As a team member, click on your avatar icon in the top-right.
  2. Select Workspaces and click Manage Workspace
  3. Click Leave workspace to disconnect your Fresha account from the workspace. This will change your permission level to No access, meaning you will no longer have access to the workspace. 
  4. Enter your email address where prompted and click Leave
  5. You will be notified that you have left the workspace and will see this now listed under Previous workspaces.

NOTE: After leaving the workspace, the team member will still remain on the Team members list and their future appointments will still remain on the calendar. The business owner will need to reassign, reschedule or cancel these as required.

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