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Staff turnover is an inevitable part of any business. When a staff member leaves you might want to remove them from Fresha or temporarily suspend them (in case they come back). To do this you will need to ensure they have no appointments scheduled in the future.

This video will guide you on how to delete staff.

How to remove or suspend staff

In this guide we will guide you through:

  1. How to delete a staff member
  2. How to suspend a staff member
  3. How to find future appointments
  4. How to remove staff permissions


1. How to delete a staff member

Remove the staff member who won't be returning to your business by doing the following:

  1. Head to Staff > Staff Members 
  2. Click the Staff Member you wish to Delete
  3. Click the red "Delete" button.


At this point, Fresha will check for any future appointments assigned to the staff member. An alert will pop up if any exist. Deletion is halted at this point and all future appointments for this staff member need to be canceled or reassigned to other staff members before you can continue. 

Note: Fresha will not delete any appointment information when a staff member is suspended or deleted. You will no longer be able to access their calendar, but the staff member's full appointment and sales history can be viewed under "Sales">"Appointments" and "Analytics" > "Reports", as well as through individual customer records.

Tip: Make note of the deleted staff member's working hours under "Staff" > "Working Hours" to make sure that the deleted hours are covered by someone else if you still wish to have as much availability as before. 

2. How to suspend a staff member

Perhaps you have a seasonal staff member, or one with a prolonged absence and won't be taking appointments. 

Disable the staff member from receiving new calendar bookings:

  1. Head to the Staff to remove their working hours
  2. Select the hours and click the Delete buttonScreenshot_2018-12-07_at_16.37.41.png
  3. Then head to Staff > Staff Members to select the staff member and disable "enable appointment bookings".Screenshot_2018-12-07_at_16.45.58.png 

Either of these will stop the staff member from being booked online.

Temporarily disabled staff can be reactivated at any time by:

  1. Adding their working hours
  2. Enabling appointment bookings

Note: Remember to save each time you make an amendment in order for the change to take place.

3. How to find future appointments

Deleting a staff member is not possible if they have any future bookings. You can find all of their future appointments and reassign them to other staff members, or cancel them.

To find all future appointments:

  1. Head to the Sales tab from the left-hand navigation menu
  2. Click on Appointments from the top menu
  3. Filter by Staff Member and All-Time or from today and a Custom Date in the future
  4. Click View.

From here you can click on each appointment and navigate to the appointment screen where you will be able to reschedule, edit and reassign the appointment, or cancel it outright.

4. How to remove staff permissions

This is used in the event where a staff member has a lot of future appointments and you need to revoke their access to Fresha quickly. 

  1. Head to Staff > Staff Members
  2. Click on the Staff Member's name
  3. Change User Permission to No AccessScreenshot_2018-12-07_at_17.17.59.png
  4. Click Save.

Note: You can revoke access to temporary staff as well, and reinstate it only when they are working.

Tip: Deleted staff members have access automatically revoked and will be logged out of any device that they may be logged in with. 

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