Sell Products & Vouchers On Their Own

Sometimes, you may have a walk-in client who wishes to purchase a product or voucher without receiving any services. Fresha makes it easy for you to sell products on their own:

How to sell products and vouchers on their own

When you sell a product or voucher, you don't need to create an appointment on the calendar. Instead, you can go straight to the black "Add New" button in the top right-hand corner to create a New Sale.

Mobile devices have a black "+" button in the bottom right.


In order to sell a product or voucher on its own:

  1. Select New Sale from the black "Add New" button
  2. Choose your ProductService or Voucher from the search bar and options listed
  3. When selling a Product or Voucher you can manually adjust the quantity or units sold
  4. Screen-Shot-2018-06-14-at-12.42.33.jpg
  5. If you'd like to add more services, products or vouchers click the + Add items to sale option and select another item to add to the invoice.
  6. Assign the Staff member who made the sale
  7. Select your payment type from the blue options on the side
  8. Click Complete Sale to raise the invoice

NOTE: You can see the Raise an Invoice article for more information on all options when creating a sale. 

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