How do I process a refund or exchange?

In case a refund or exchange is required, there's are a couple of easy ways to refund the original sale and raise a new invoice. If they've paid with Fresha Pay, it's incredibly easy. If they've paid with another way, you can simply select the payment method they used to pay so your reports align perfect. 

How to apply refunds & exchanges

As an accounting policy, invoices cannot be edited once raised but they can be refunded or exchanged. Fresha will keep track of the original invoice and sale, and create a new negative invoice to process the refund or exchange. This ensures your historical sales are static and a new invoice is issued for your client's reference. To locate the relevant invoice,

1. Go to Sales > Invoices

2. Use the search bar located on the right to find the invoice and select it

3. Scroll to the bottom to select More Options > Refund

4. Select Refund 

5. You are now given the option to + Add item to sale to create an Exchange

6. Finally, create a negative sale or exchange by selecting the relevant payment type.

Refunding with Fresha Pay

If a client has paid for their appointment using Fresha Pay, issuing a refund is super simple. Just follow the same process, and click on Refund to Card. Refunds should be back in the client's account within 1-2 days.

All invoices, including completed, unpaid, part-paid and refunded are tracked under Sales > Invoices

TIP: If you are refunding the client for a Product, the product item will be returned to your stock levels after the negative invoice has been raised. 

NOTE: Invoice dates and Payment dates cannot be backdated or edited as Fresha tracks all sales and reports in real-time.

NOTE: Refunding does include a payment transaction which means a payment process fee does apply.


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