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Fresha offers a wide variety of Reports to help you run your business. Whether you're tracking sales, staff performance, or keeping track of stock and products sold. Fresha have been working with the most experienced consultants to ensure your business has state-of-the-art reports, and they are forever growing as we build new features. 

This article will guide you through the following steps:

  1. Understanding your reports
  2. Sales Tab
  3. Analytics Tab
  4. Reports tab

1. Understanding your reports

From the main menu, you'll find both the Sales tab for a detailed break down of Daily Sales, Appointments, Invoices and Vouchers. The Analytics tab houses all reports.

Each report tracks different metrics and has a specific function. Under Analytics > Reports,you'll find:
  • Appointments summary = Total value of appointments based on the date of the appointment
  • Finances summary (Sales)  = Invoices raised (paid and unpaid) based on the day the invoice was raised.
  • Payments summary = Total payments made based on when they were made
Since appointments, sales, and payments are separate activities, they may not always align in a given time period. For example, an appointment may be scheduled on Monday, the invoice raised on Tuesday, and the Payment made on Wednesday. Therefore, each report will reflect different values.
The exported Sales log report will provide you with a very detailed breakdown of every single item sold including Taxes, Discounts, Dates and more. 

TIP: For simplicity, we recommend you Checkout appointments as soon as the appointment has been completed. This way, your Appointments, Sales and Payments will match, and it'll be easy to detect any unwanted anomalies (e.g. unpaid invoices).

To understand where your Summary figures are gathered from, go to the "Sales" tab where you'll find "Appointments", "Invoices" and "Payments". Here you'll find every transaction.
All reports can be exported at any time. You'll find the Export button in the top right-hand corner of all reports.

2. Sales Tab

When you click on the Sales tab from the left-hand Navigation Menu, Daily Sales is the first report you'll see summarizing your Transaction Summary as well as your Cash Movement Summary for the day. The difference between these summaries are:

  • Transaction Summary shows the total value of invoices raised from checked out appointments for that day (including both paid and unpaid appointments)
  • Cash Movement Summary shows the total amount of payments received that day

NOTE: Your Transaction Summary and Cash Movement Summary are not expected to match perfectly. You may raise an unpaid invoice on a Monday, so the sale will be tracked on that Monday, but if you apply the payment through checkout on Tuesday, the payment will be tracked on that Tuesday.

From the Sales page, you will also find the Appointments, Invoices, and Vouchers tabs. These pages show you a full breakdown of all Appointments (including no-shows and canceled appointments), Invoices (paid and unpaid) and Vouchers (including their status as valid, expired, or redeemed). 

3. Analytics Tab

Your metrics are the window to every aspect of your business, so we've made sure your business analysis is easier than ever!

Fresha's state-of-the-art Analytics Dashboard provides businesses with a top-level review of your business's performance, with LIVE updates! 
No need to click refresh, simply watch the numbers increase as your clients book online and your appointments are checked out.
Under Analytics from the left-hand menu, you'll find your dashboard, highlighting:
  • Total Appointments
  • Total Sales
  • Online Appointments 
  • Average Sale
  • Occupancy
  • Client Retention
Dashboards can be filtered by both Staff and Date Ranges. Additionally, if you have multiple locations, you'll be able to track performance across locations as well:
Detailed Reports and Summaries can be found on the tab to the left of "Dashboards" called "Reports".
  • Total Appointments
    This is the summary of all appointments booked for that particular day, including canceled and no-show appointments.
  • Total Sales
    This is calculated by the total number of invoices raised for the given day, including paid, part-paid and unpaid invoices **Total Sales currently includes the Sale of Vouchers, as well as the Redemption of Vouchers**
  • Online Appointments
    The number of appointments that were booked online for that given day
  • Average Sales
    Average value of your raised invoices for the given day
  • Occupancy
    Provides a high-level snapshot of total working hours vs actual hours worked. This excludes "process time" but includes service "block time". It also excludes "Canceled" and "No Show" appointments. 
  • Client Retention (Sales)
    Total percentage of Sales from returning clients VS Sales of new and walk-in clients within an allocated period. **Clients are no longer considered "new" once the appointment has been checked out**

4. Reports Tab

All reports can found under Analytics > Reports and all can be filtered by Date, Staff Member, Channel (online vs. offline) and Location. Most can be exported to either Excel, CSV or PDF. The Reports are based on all of the information found under the Sales tab and only calculated according to what has been processed through the system.

The Reports page has a wealth on information on your business, so we've dedicated an entire article to it here.  

TIP: The report called Sales Log, once exported to CSV has a wide array of extra information that you and your accountant will love!

For a more detailed breakdown of reports, see: 


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