What reporting is available?

Whether you're tracking sales, measuring your team's performance, or monitoring your product and stock levels, Fresha offers a wide range of reporting tools to help you understand how well your business is performing.  

Each report tracks different metrics and has a specific function. Under Sales, you’ll find a detailed breakdown of your daily sales, appointments, invoices, and vouchers while your Analytics reporting will provide you with a more in-depth analysis of how every aspect of your business has been performing within a specific time period.

We’ve pulled together a list of all of the tools you can use to gain invaluable insights into your businesses’ commercial performance.


When you click on Sales, there are 4 different reports for you to choose from:

Daily sales

Under Daily sales you’ll find a breakdown of your sales into two different summaries: 

  • Transaction summary - the total value of invoices raised from checked out appointments for that day (including both paid and unpaid appointments).
  • Cash movement summary - the total amount of payments received that day.

Click on Daily sales to select your date and use the filter filter.png to switch between locations.

NOTE: Your Transaction Summary and Cash Movement Summary are not expected to match perfectly. You may raise an unpaid invoice on a Monday, so the sale will be tracked on that Monday, but if you apply the payment through checkout on Tuesday, the payment will be tracked on that Tuesday.


Under Appointments you’ll find a list of all the appointments booked for a specific time period depending on the dates you have selected. Click on Appointments to Apply your date range and use the filter filter.png to switch between locations, staff members, and channels.

NOTE: Use the search bar to lookup an appointment by reference or client name.


Under Invoices, you’ll find a list of all the invoices generated for a specific time period depending on the dates you’ve selected. Click on Invoices to Apply your date range and use the filter filter.png to switch between locations.


Under Vouchers, you’ll find a list of all the vouchers issued within a specific time period depending on the dates you’ve selected. Use the filter filter.png to view a specific group of vouchers depending on their status.

NOTE: You can export your reports at any time by clicking three_dots.png and selecting PDF, Excel or CSV.

PRO TIP: Check out your appointments as soon as they have been completed to keep your reporting consistent and make it easier to detect any unwanted anomalies such as unpaid invoices.

Reports Dashboard 

The Reports dashboard provides a high-level view of your business's performance, with real-time updates generated for a specific time period based on the dates you’ve selected. 

To start accessing your Analytics dashboard:

  1. Go to Reports and select Dashboard.
  2. Click on Dashboard to select a day, month, or year. your date range and
  3. Use the filter filter.png to switch between locations and staff members, and Apply.

Once you’re happy with the dates you’ve selected and the filters you’ve applied, you’ll be presented with the following information:

  • Total Appointments - all appointments booked for that particular time period, including cancelled and client no-show appointments.
  • Total Sales - the total number of invoices raised during that time period, including paid, part-paid, and unpaid invoices. Total Sales currently includes the Sale of vouchers and the Redemption of vouchers.
  • Online Appointments - The number of appointments that were booked online for that time period.
  • Average Sale - the average value of your raised invoices for the selected date, month, or year.
  • Occupancy - total working hours vs actual hours worked. This excludes process time but includes service block time. It also excludes cancelled and client no-show appointments. 
  • Client Retention - the total percentage of sales from returning clients vs sales of new and walk-in clients within the selected period. Clients are no longer considered new once the appointment has been checked out.


Under Reports, you’ll find an extensive suite of reporting tools designed to help you track your performance across all areas of the business. Depending on the report you’re running, you can filter filter.png the data by date, staff, channel, or location and most can be exporteddownload.pngto a PDF, Excel or CSV. 

There are a number of different reports you can run to start measuring your businesses success:

  • Appointments - View projected revenue from upcoming appointments and track cancellation rates and reasons.
  • Clients - Gain insights into how clients interact with your business and find out who your top spenders are.
  • Finances - Monitor your overall finances including sales, refunds, taxes, and payments.
  • Inventory - Monitor product stock levels and adjustments made, analyse product sales performance, consumption costs, and more
  • Sales - Analyse the performance of your business by comparing sales across products, staff, channels, and more.
  • Staff - View your team's performance, time off, hours worked as well as commission and tip earnings.
  • Vouchers - Track your total voucher sales and redemption activity.

The reports are based on the information found under Sales and calculated according to what has been processed through the system.

PRO TIP: Use the Sales log report for a detailed breakdown of every single Item sold during the selected time period including taxes, discounts, dates, and more.

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