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Adding staff members enables you to assign services to the right employees. The video below shows how to add staff.

How to add bookable staff members

To enable clients to make bookings with your business, you will need to set up bookable staff members that can perform your services.  This article will also show you how to assign staff their own working hours as well as how to select which services they can provide.

  1. Add a new bookable staff member
  2. Set up the staff member's working hours
  3. Add non-service providers (Admin and Receptionist)

1. Add a new staff member

  1. From the left-hand Navigation Bar, head to Staff > Staff Members.
  2. Click the green New Staff button: 


  3. Enter the staff member's name and any other details that may be useful. All fields are optional apart from the first name  
  4. Once populated, click Savemceclip1.jpg

TIP: Email addresses are only necessary if you'd like staff to receive Staff Notifications and/or have individual login access.

2. Set the staff member's working hours

In order to take bookings online, you'll need to allocate staff working hours:

  1. From the left-hand Navigation Bar, select Staff where you'll see the working hours section: 


  2. Select one of the white empty boxes to apply desired working hours 
  3. Add "Another Shift" in case you would like to build in regular lunch breaks (see Block Time & Lunch Breaks for more info)
  4. Set to Don't Repeat or to Repeat Weekly
  5. And Save changes 

For more details and a support video, visit our specific article on How To Add Staff Working Hours. In case you have multiple locations, visit How To Allocate Staff To Locations.

3. Add non-service providers (Admins and Receptionists)

If your staff member is not a service provider, but rather administrative staff or a receptionist, you can remove them from being bookable on the calendar. Whilst editing the staff member's contact details under Staff > Staff Members, disable the Enable Appointment Bookings toggle and Save your changes: 


Note: Extra information can be added to your staff member details within the Staff Notes. This information is optional and is only visible internally to those who have access to the Staff Members section. 

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