How do I add staff members?

Adding staff members allows you to assign services to the right employees, and create a service list that is simple for your clients and staff to navigate when booking and scheduling appointments.

Invite staff to create an account

The easiest way to add staff members is by inviting them to set up their accounts via email.

  1. Go to Staff and select Staff members.
  2. Click on the Add icon (image) and select Invite via email.
  3. Choose the permission level you’d like to assign to the staff member from the drop-down.
  4. Add the First name, Last name, and Email of the staff member. 
  5. To invite another staff member to join with the same permission levels, click on Add next email and enter the same information as above.
  6. Once you’ve added all of the relevant staff members, click Send to invite them to join. We’ll send them an email with a link to set up their account. The link will expire after 7 days.

Click here for more information on how staff members set up their accounts using the email link.

NOTE: Only staff members with a high permission level can add, edit, or delete staff members from your account. Once a staff member has set up their account, you’ll still need to add the rest of their details manually if they have low or medium permissions.

Add staff members manually

Bookable staff members

To create an appointment, you’ll need to set up bookable staff members that can perform your services. You can invite staff members to create and set up an account themselves via email or add their details manually.

  1. Go to Staff and select Staff Members.
  2. Click the Add  icon and select Add manually.
  3. Once selected you can start adding the following information:
  • Basic info - You’ll need to include the staff member's First name, Last name, job title, and any other information you think might be useful. All fields are optional except for the first name.
  • Contact - Email and mobile number.
  • Employment - The staff member's start date and end date (where relevant).
  • Works at - If you have multiple locations, you'll need to click blue_tick.png next to the locations where this staff member works.
  • Booking - Use the toggle enable.png to allow this staff member to receive bookings on the calendar.
  • Calendar colour - Choose a colour for this staff member so they can easily spot their appointments in your calendar.
  • Services - Click Edit and select the services this staff member is able to offer.
  • Commission - Decide how much commission this staff member makes.
  • Staff permission - Choose what level of access you'd like this staff member to have. Click here for more information on setting your staff permissions. 

Once you’re happy with the information provided, click Save.

PRO TIP: You only need to include their email address if you'd like them to receive Staff Notifications and/or have individual login access.

NOTE: You can add a new staff member using their first name only. To update their profile at a later date, go to Staff members and click on the name of the staff member you’re making changes to.

PRO TIP: To rearrange the order of your staff members as they appear on your calendar and online bookings, click Options three_dots_across.png, select Change the order and click and drag the staff member's name to the desired position.

Non-service providers (admins and receptionists)

If your staff member is not a service provider, but an admin or a receptionist, you can remove them from being bookable on the calendar. 

When adding a non-service provider, follow the same steps outlined above but make sure you disable the toggle enable.png next to Allow calendar bookings.

PRO TIP: If you're using desktop, switch between a grid Screenshot_2021-03-12_at_12.24.06.png or list Screenshot_2021-03-12_at_12.29.56.png of your staff members and use the email Screenshot_2021-03-12_at_12.32.10.png or phone Screenshot_2021-03-12_at_12.31.55.png for quick and easy access to their contact information.

NOTE: Extra information can be added to your staff member details within the Staff Notes. This information is optional and for internal use only.

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