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After setting up Staff members with their own logins, you'll want to add all of your services. It's easy to do with Fresha!

How to add bookable services

The first step to adding a Service is to create a Service Category. Service Categories allow you to divide your services into particular groups such as Hair, Nails, Wax, etc. Clients will be able to save time and jump straight to the category they need when they book online.

  1. From the left-hand Navigation Bar, go to Services > Add New > New Category
  2. Name your category and add an optional Color and Description, then Save

Note: Descriptions are a great way to give your clients further information about what they're booking so there's no confusion. You can find more tips about setting up descriptions here. 

 Now that you've created the Service Categories, it's time to add Services:

  1. Choose Add New > New Service
  2. Select Single Service, unless creating a Package (Combo)
  3. Choose the Service Category your service falls under
  4. Add the Service name and allocate a Treatment type
  5. Specify the Duration and Price Type*
  6. Determine the service Price
  7. Assign necessary Staff, Resources and additional settings such as Processing time, Tax rate, and Commission rate.  

Note: *Pricing types can be Fixed, From a certain price, or alternatively Free. If you select a price e.g. "From $40.00", then the price will remain at $40.00 until it is updated when editing the appointment before checkout.

Tip: In case you have multiple price and duration variations of the same service, you are able to Add another pricing option

You can also rearrange Services and Service Groups by clicking the three grey lines to enable drag and drop.


Tip: Services are the first thing clients select when scheduling an appointment online, so it's important to keep it structured. To optimize your service menu for online bookings, you may want to learn how to enable specific services online.

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