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Fresha makes it easy for you to add, sell and track your products with our inventory management features:

How To Add Retail Products For Sale

Your business may have a full range of products on offer that can be sold alongside your regular services, or products that are used from internal consumption. To add your products:

1. From the left-hand Navigation Menu, go to Inventory

2. Click the green + icon in the bottom right-hand corner to create a New Product

3. Add the Product Name, Retail Price and Stock Quantity. All others fields are optional

4. If your item is for internal use and not intended to be sold to your customers, you can disable Retail Sales


5. Enable Stock Control allows you to keep track of supplier prices and stock levels. This may be disabled if you do not wish to keep track of stock levels

6. The Reorder Quantity is the quantity of stock automatically added to your Purchase Order when the Reorder Point is reached. This will only appear if Stock Control is enabled

7. Click Save to save your changes

 Tip: Add your Brands, Categories and Suppliers first so they are easy to allocate to your products as you add new items. For more information see Add Product Brands, Categories & Suppliers


Note: Bulk importing products is a feature we plan on introducing in the future. Until then, many businesses have taken the opportunity to conduct a fresh stock take and only add their vital and top performing products.

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