Add Staff Working Hours

To enable clients to make bookings with your business, you will need to set up bookable staff members that can perform your services.


How to add staff working hours

In Fresha, your staff working hours are your business hours. In order to take bookings online, you'll first need to allocate working hours found under Staff:

  1. From the left-hand Navigation menu, select Staff > Working Hours
  2. Select an empty box on the date you would like to apply working hoursScreen-Shot-2017-05-08-at-14.06.29-1.jpg
  3. Adjust the Shift Start and Shift End hours
  4. Select Add another shift for built-in breaks (e.g. a 1 hour lunch break)
  5. Select whether you want this shift to Repeat Weekly or Don't repeat
  6. Determine an End Repeat Date for your repeating shifts (if applicable), then click SaveScreen-Shot-2018-06-14-at-12.14.04.jpg

TIP: Clients are only able to book online during hours set up under your Staff Working Hours. If you don't set up staff hours for a given day, clients will not be able to book with you online for those days.

TIP: When choosing Repeat Weekly, staff hours will populate your schedule with the same hours each week for that day indefinitely or until you make a change.

NOTE: Bi-weekly schedules are planned as a feature. In the meantime, for alternative weekends, set to Repeat Weekly, then delete every other day that you have off.

How to remove staff working hours

For days off, sick leave or annual leave, you'll need to update the Staff Working Hours to ensure you do not receive online bookings on these days. 


To delete Staff Working Hours on a particular day, 

  1. From the left-hand Navigation menu, select Staff > Working Hours
  2. Click on the shift (i.e. the green working hours) on the day you wish to change
  3. Click the red Delete button

NOTE: If the shift that you are about to delete is repeating weekly, you'll have the option to delete only that particular shift or all upcoming shifts:


Note: Trading hours will be determined by your working hours. Use the closed dates feature for bank holidays or any other irregular days where you need to close the entire business but do not want to remove working hours.

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