Allocate Services To Staff

Not all service providers have the same skill set or provide the same service. Follow the video link to view how easy it is to allocate your service providers to services:

How to allocate services to staff members

This article will show you how to allocate certain services to certain staff so that when clients book online, they do not book a service with the wrong service provider. For example, you wouldn't want your customer trying to book a haircut with a nail tech! Here's how to allocate accordingly:

1. From the left-hand Navigation Menu, go to Services. Select a service, then click the Staff tab

2. Tick those who provide the service

3. Hit the Save button


You may also allocate services to staff for a specific staff member. This may be useful if you want to reassign the services of your staff. To do this:

1. From left-hand Navigation Menu, select Staff > Staff Member

2. Select the Staff Member, and then select the Services tab

3. Tick the services that Staff Member provides, then Save changes


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