Set Processing Time Between Appointments

Some services you create may include processing time, in which a customer is still in your salon but doesn't need a staff member's attention. With Fresha, you can use the processing time feature to allow staff to take on more appointments during this treatment development time.

How to add processing time between appointments

You may want to build processing time into your appointments when your service requires some development time. For example, if your customer has a facial mask that takes 30 minutes to dry, you can use the processing time feature to free up staff to see other clients while the treatment is processing. 

This article will show you how to build processing time into services and allow your business to receive more clients:

1. From the left-hand Navigation Menu, go to Services and select service

2. Select Settings and add Extra Time Type > Processing time after and select the Duration

3. Tap Save


Clients will be aware that their service duration is the total of the service and the processing time combined; however, the calendar will only block the application time, keeping the processing time clear for other bookings (including online bookings).

Once processing time has been applied to your services, it'll be added automatically when you create an appointment with that service. To see this, head back to the Calendar to create an appointment with Multiple Services:


You'll see that the added processing time is automatically built in between the services added to the new appointment. Once saved, the calendar enables you to accommodate another client during the processing time as displayed below, where Sarah Smith's appointment is on either side of Jane Doe's appointment:


Processing time is a great way to optimize your calendar for more bookings.

How to add block time between appointments

Should your service require pre-built-in block time between appointments, where you need to tidy the room or rest, you can apply "block time" as your extra time type rather than "processing time".

This will block any client from booking with you during this period but this duration will not be built into the clients appointment time.

For example, the client's appointment is 45 minutes but you build in 15 minutes block time. The client will still be informed that their appointment is 45 minutes long but your calendar is will be blocked out for 60 minutes.  

Note: If your services always follow the same sequence of events, we recommend setting up a package instead.

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