Add Product Brands, Categories & Suppliers

Allow Fresha to manage your stock levels by allocating your product Brands, Categories and Suppliers to your products:

How To Add Product Brands, Categories and Suppliers

You'll want to be able to categorize your products by their type, brand, and suppliers. Fortunately, Fresha has the built-in functionality to help you categorize inventory for easy selling, tracking, and ordering.

1. From the main menu, head to Inventory

2. Notice each tab for Brands, Categoriesand Suppliers


By selecting each tab, you'll see a black button in the top right-hand corner. This button will allow you to add your Brands as well as your Suppliers contact details. 

Your personalized Categories names might include: Hair, Face, Body, Nails.

Once these have been completed:

1. Select a Product

2. Click Edit in the top right-hand corner

3. Proceed to allocate the product's Brand, Category, and Supplier

4. Click Save


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