Sell A Voucher

Vouchers are extremely popular. For this purpose, Fresha has created a simple solution to allow you to sell, track and redeem vouchers. For simplicity, Fresha also generates voucher codes for you. 

Partners with Fresha Plus enabled can also sell vouchers online.

How to sell a gift voucher and service voucher

A voucher can be used in multiple ways. You can issue a voucher for a specific service (a service voucher), or sell a voucher with more flexibility (a gift voucher), which holds a dollar value. 

By selling Service Vouchers, you can track how many sessions a customer has purchased from you. By selling multiple service vouchers, multiple codes will be issued which can be redeemed after each session.

You can also provide a client with credit in the form of a Gift Voucher which can be redeemed on anything at a later date. 

Vouchers can either be sold as part of an appointment or sold on their own as a New Sale.

From your Calendar

  1. Select New Sale from the black Add New button in the top right-hand cornerScreenshot_2019-04-03_at_15.43.02.png
  2. You'll be given the option to select Products, Service or Vouchers. Select Vouchers and choose either Gift Voucher or Service Vouchersarea-1529052391797.gif
  3. If you choose Gift Voucher, add the Voucher Value, set the Expiry Period, and click Add Gift Voucher
  4. If you choose Service Vouchers, select the service you would like to issue
  5. To complete the transaction, select your payment type and click Complete Sale.

The raised invoice will display the Voucher Codes that have been issued. These are the codes that should be presented upon redemption. 


Tip: As vouchers are commonly purchased as gifts, the codes can be applied to anybody. In other words, while you can sell a voucher to a specific client, you can redeem the same code with any of your customers. If a customer wishes to purchase a voucher as a gift, you can include the voucher code in the recipient's client notes for redemption later.

Note: Service Vouchers may only be redeemed for their exact service, whereas Gift Vouchers hold a dollar value and can be redeemed against any product purchase or service up to that dollar amount.

Service vouchers, as well as Gift vouchers, follow the expiry period set under Setup > Sales Settings. Gift vouchers can have the expiry date adjusted at checkout, whilst service vouchers follow the expiry period set.


If you'd like the invoice tracked under the client's name, remember to allocate the name on the first page of Checkout.

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