Apply A Discount

You may want to apply discounts or other special promotions to users at the point of sale. The video below shows how to apply discounts.

How to apply a discount during check out

There are two main types of discounts: pre-defined and manual discounts. To use a pre-defined discount, you first need to set up your discount types. Once you've set up a discount type, you can apply the discount to a sale with these steps:

  1. Select an appointment and click Check out (or click here on how to Raise an invoice)
  2. Click on the service or product you wish to discount and select the Discount drop down menu. 
  3. Select the discount type you wish to apply to that particular itemScreen-Shot-2018-06-14-at-13.51.00.jpg
  4. Select your payment type to complete the sale.

TIP: This list of discounts is populated automatically from your pre-configured discount types)

NOTE: Discount are applied by line item and not by total invoices or total value. This is to give you the opportunity to apply variations of discounts if necessary. 

Should you wish to manually adjust the value of the service, either to increase or decrease the price, this is also possible. To manually discount a sale:

  1. Raise an invoice for an appointment
  2. Click on the service you wish to discount and click the Price fieldScreen-Shot-2018-06-14-at-13.51.30.jpg
  3. Type in the new discounted price. The discount will then apply as a manual discount.Screen-Shot-2018-06-14-at-13.48.40.jpg
  4. Once you are happy with your new prices, select your payment type to complete the sale

TIP: Special Prices that are built into your Service Menu Price list will show as "Special Prices" in the Discounts drop down menu, giving you the opportunity to remove it, and or, apply a different pre-set discount or manual discount.

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