Change calendar display settings and appointment status

Streamline appointment scheduling by tailoring your calendar display settings to suit your business needs.

This guide covers: 

Getting started

Make sure your team members, services, and resources have all been added to Fresha, alongside importing your existing clients, for a seamless calendar experience.

Changing the calendar view

Change the start date for the week

  1. Aligning your calendar with your business hours helps with day-to-day management and scheduling, especially if your workweek isn't the usual Monday to Friday. To change the start date for the week:
  1. Open Business settings and select Business details
  2. Scroll down to Time and calendar settings and choose your preferred start day for the working week under Week start.
  3. Click Save to update your calendar. 

Manage time and calendar settings

  1. Open Business settings and select Business details
  2. Scroll down to Time and calendar settings and select a Time zone and Time format.
  3. Under Appointment color source, choose to colour appointment based on:
    - Team member: The team member providing the service.
    - Service group: The type of service within the appointment.

    - Status: The status of the appointment. 

    Booked = Blue

    Confirmed = Purple

    Arrived= Orange

    Started = Green

    No-show = Red

    Complete = Grey

  4.  Click Save to update your calendar. 

Adjust calendar dates and views

  1. Open your Calendar.
  2. Select the date at the top of the calendar to switch between specific months or dates. 
  3. Click on the date menu in the top-right corner to select your preferred view from:
    - Day: View today's appointments only.
    - Day: View today's appointments and the next two days.
    - Week: View the entire week's appointments.
  4. Click on the settings icon to update the:

    - Calendar zoom: Slide the scale to either view more appointments on your screen (Small) or fewer appointments with more details visible (Large).

    - Quick actions: Use the toggle to enable quick actions allowing you to add appointments or blocked time by clicking on a calendar slot.
  5.  Click Save to update your calendar. 

TOP TIP: Zoom settings towards the small end of the scale can be useful for days with a high number of appointments.

Filtering the calendar

Easily access appointments and resources by setting filters. Options include filtering by location (if operating in multiple locations), viewing calendars for all or specific team members, and selecting relevant resources to check their availability.

  1. Open your Calendar.
  2. Use the filters in the top-left corner to view your calendar by:
    - Location: If you have multiple locations, use the location filter in the top-left corner to choose a specific calendar.
    - Team members: Use the filter to view the calendar by individual Team Members, or select All or Working to see multiple appointments.
    - Resources: Use the filter to select the resources that you want to view the calendar by. For example, massage rooms or chairs.

Calendar icons

Quickly identify key info about appointments and blocked time in your calendar by understanding our handy icons for everything from appointment markers to status changes.

Appointment icons

These icons appear on client appointments, providing quick insights into appointment details.

Appointment types

Icon.png  The client has chosen the team member to perform the service.

Icon-1.png  Notes have been added to the appointment.

Icon-2.png  The appointment is part of a series of recurring appointments.

Icon-3.png  The client booked the appointment online.

Icon-4.png  The appointment is confirmed with a payment card

Icon-5.png  A membership has been applied.

Icon-6.png  The appointment is part of a group appointment.

Appointment status

Icon.png  The appointment is confirmed

Icon (1).png  The client has arrived.

Icon (2).png  The appointment has started

Icon (3).png  The client was a no-show.

Icon (4).png  The appointment is complete with an unpaid or part-paid invoice.

Icon (5).png  The appointment is complete with a fully paid invoice.

Blocked time icons

These icons appear on any blocked time added to your calendar. 

vector.png  Clients can make online bookings during the blocked time. 

Icon-2.png  The blocked time is part of a series of recurring blocked time.

Icon-1.png  A description has been added to the blocked time.


Q. Can I see only specific team members' appointments?
Yes, by using the calendar filters, you can select to view appointments for particular team members.

Q. How do I access my profile settings from the calendar?
Your profile will always be accessible while using Fresha. Click on your profile icon at the top-right corner of your screen to access profile settings.

Q. Are the calendar view and filter settings available on mobile?
Yes, all features, including filters and view settings, are accessible and fully functional in the Fresha app and on mobile devices. Learn more about using your calendar on mobile

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