Delete your personal account

You may need to delete your account for various reasons. We’ll guide you through the steps to delete your personal account securely.  

This guide covers:

Getting started 

Before deleting your personal account, you’ll need to take the following actions, depending on your account type: 

 Deleting your account as a workspace owner: 

  • You must delete your workspace.

 Deleting your account as a team member: 

  • Leave the workspace your account is connected to. 

NOTE: Your account cannot restored once it’s been deleted so we recommend making sure you’re happy to proceed before actioning a deletion.

Deleting your personal account 

You can proceed to delete your personal account once you have successfully deleted/left the workspace attached to your account. 

To delete your personal account:  

  1. Click on your Avatar and select Settings.
  2. Scroll down and select Delete your account.
  3. Click Delete account to reconfirm.
  4. Select a reason for deleting your account and click Continue.
  5. Tick the boxes to confirm you understand the conditions of deleting your account and Continue
  6. Enter your account email address and password to confirm you want to proceed. 
  7. Click Delete account

Your account will be permanently deleted.


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