How can I cancel my Fresha account?

We know Fresha's Software won't suit everyone's needs but we'd love to know the reason you would like to have your account canceled.

Fresha has been voted the most popular Salon Software on the market thanks to your ideas and continued development. 

New features go live every two weeks, so there's a chance that what you're looking for is already on its way. Explore our community to check if a feature is planned, or add a post with your idea. Check out our help centre, as a feature may already exist, or simply get in touch with us to see if what you need is possible. 

We don't have a delete function for users just yet but if you would still like your account deleted, email us from your registered email address at hello@fresha.com and let us know that you would like it canceled and why. 

We really appreciate your feedback, so let us know what's wrong, and let's work to make it better.


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