How can I delete my Fresha account?

We’re sorry to hear you’re thinking of leaving Fresha! All of our features have been designed to help you consolidate everything you need to run your business in the most efficient way possible. If you have any feedback or questions you would like us to answer, please feel free to drop us a message at hello@fresha.com.

Fresha is the leading online booking platform for the beauty and wellness industry and we’re continually reviewing and updating our software to simplify the working day and help facilitate amazing experiences for your clients. 

We have new features launching every two weeks, so there's a chance we’re already working on a feature you think is missing! Head to our Feature ideas forum to see what features we’re planning on launching next, or post your own idea and we’ll let you know whether it’s coming. It’s also worth checking out our Help Centre as the feature you’re looking for might already exist.

If you’d still like to delete your Fresha account, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the avatar icon and select Settings.
  2. Scroll down to Delete account and select Delete your account. Team members will need to reassign their appointments to a different team member or cancel them before their account can be deleted. 
  3. We’ll ask you why you have decided to delete your Fresha account. Please provide us with as much detail as you can where prompted.
  4. If you are the business owner, you will need to confirm that you would like to delete your account and all staff accounts. You won't be able to retrieve them once they have been deleted.
  5. Enter your email and password to confirm. If you created your account with your social logins, you’ll only be asked to confirm your email address.
  6. Click Delete account. Once an account has been deleted it is permanent.

If you are a team member, your account will be deleted automatically. If you are the business owner, your request will need to be verified by us. You will have access to your Partner account until it has been verified and confirmed by us. We’ll send you an email as soon as your request has been completed.


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