How do I set up invoices?

Fresha has a built-in invoicing system that enables your business to keep track of all sales, taxes, tips, commissions, and much more. The invoice is comprised of various sections and this guide will cover how to update the following:

  1. Company Details
  2. Location Details 
  3. Custom Lines 
  4. Invoice Number Sequencing
  5. Staff Provider Numbers

1. Company Details

Your Business Name will be the first bit of information visible on your invoice as it is displayed at the very top. Your business name may be different from your Location Name and for this reason, both will appear on your invoice.

To update your business details:

  1. Head to Setup > Account Settings
  2. Update Business Name
  3. Save Changes

Note: Only the Business Name will be added to invoices from the Account Settings section however we recommend filling out all the fields so we can provide more specific support should you need it. 

2. Location Details

The Location details define the second part of your invoice. They include the location's name, address, and phone number. This is particularly important should you have multiple locations or if your registered business address is different from the physical location address.

Since Fresha's features provide the option of multiple locations, we draw information from location details.

To update your Location Details:

  1. Head to Setup > Locations
  2. Click on the location you want to edit
  3. Update the Location Name
  4. Update the Contact Number (including your country code)
  5. Update the Contact Email
  6. Update the Address
  7. Save changes

Note: Only the Location Name, Address and Phone Number populate the invoice.

Tip: Replies from client email notifications are sent to the email address provided within these location settings.

3. Custom Lines

This brings us to the third part of your invoice. You can decide whether you'd like to add any custom information to your invoice, including details such as Company TAX registration numbers and ABN Numbers:

  1. Head to Setup > Invoices Template
  2. Personalize your Invoice Title
  3. Add details to Custom Line 1 such as TAX details
  4. Add any other details to Custom Line 2
  5. Fill out the Receipt Footer to include a Thank you message
  6. Save changes

At this stage you may decide whether the:

  1. Invoices are automatically printed after raising an invoice
  2. Client's mobile number and email show on the invoice
  3. Whether the clients address is to appear on the invoice 

Tip: You can also add custom messages directly to individual invoices when checking out. After an appointment has been completed click Checkout > More Options > Invoice Details and add your Invoice Notes. These will appear at the bottom of the invoice. 

4. Invoice Number Sequencing

Many businesses will require their invoice numbers to display in a sequential order. This is incredibly useful for accounting purposes and tracking sales. To set up invoice number sequencing:

  1. Head to Setup > Invoice Sequencing
  2. Apply a Prefix if necessary eg should you have multiple locations
  3. Apply the Next Invoice Number 
  4. Save changes

Once an invoice has been raised, the invoice number cannot be changed back to a lower number, as the system will have already assigned this number to an existing invoice so it is important to set up your number sequencing from the get go. 

You can, however, raise this number to anything higher. If you have raised the invoice number and have not yet raised a new invoice, there is still time to change it back down to a lower value.

Note: The Invoice number Prefix along with the next invoice number will be added after the Invoice Title.

5. Staff Provider Numbers

Quite often it is a requirement to include the Provider Number onto the invoice. If you are the only Staff member providing services we recommend adding this to a custom line (see section 2). 

If however, you have multiple staff members, we recommend you include the Provider Number next to the staff member's surname so this is displayed directly on the invoice. 

To do this:

  1. Head to Staff > Staff Members
  2. Click on the Staff member you wish to edit
  3. Click on Last Name and add their provider number after the surname
  4. Save changes 



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