How do I add notes to client profiles and bookings?

Adding notes to your client profiles and individual bookings can help you and your staff members keep track of their preferences, requirements and refer back to them later on. 

Client notes 

Client notes are added straight to the client card, and are visible on every appointment created for that client. Client notes usually include important information like allergies, formulas and certain conditions. 

To add a client note:

  1. Go to Clients clients.png and use the search bar to find the client whose information you’re looking to update (you can also find the client’s profile by clicking on their appointment in your calendar). 
  2. Click on the client, go to More Options three_dots.png and select Edit.
  3. Scroll down to Client notes and add in the relevant information.
  4. Choose whether to Display on all bookings. If this option is enabled, the client notes will be visible on all future bookings.
  5. Save changes.

PRO TIP: You can export all Client notes by heading to Clients, clicking on the Options tab, and selecting Download Excel/CSV to export your list. Your exported list will show your client names, contact details, and client notes for your entire customer list.

Booking notes 

Booking notes are appointment-specific and added directly to the appointment. Booking notes usually include information such as one-off formulas, progress reports, or notes left by the client when booking online.

  1. Go to your Calendar calendar_2.png and create a new appointment (or select one that’s already been scheduled, go to More options and click Edit appointment.)
  2. Scroll down to Notes and add in the relevant information.
  3. Click Save to confirm your booking notes.

When you hover over or click on the appointment, the booking notes will be visible under the Appointment details

PRO TIP: Booking notes can be viewed in the Client's Appointment History on their profile under the Clients tab.

NOTE: You can still edit booking notes after the appointment has been checked out and completed. Simply click on the appointment, select More Options three_dots.png and Edit notes.

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