How to Add Client Notes & Booking Notes

You'll most likely want to keep notes about your clients and their services so that you and your team can refer back to them later on. For example, you may want to record whether a customer has sensitive skin or prefers a specific type of product.

It is very simple to add notes to clients' profiles to refer to at any time. With Fresha, there are two main places to add notes: Client Notes and Booking Notes.

Client Notes 

Client notes are added straight to the client card, and are visible on every appointment created for this client. These notes would be more permanent ones like allergies, formulas and certain conditions. Client notes can be added and edited at anytime.

1. Go to the Clients tab from the left-hand Navigation Menu to find your client. (You can also the clients' profile from within an appointment that they've scheduled)

2. Click on the client, then click on More Options > Edit

3. Enter their notes into the client notes section displayedprofile_notes.png

4. Choose whether to Display on All Bookings. If this option is selected, client notes be automatically be visible on all appointments scheduled by the client

5. Don't forget to Save!

TIP: You can also export all Client notes; head to the Clients tab and you'll find the export option in the top right hand corner to export the list. This will show your client names, contact details and their client notes for your entire customer list:


Booking Notes 

Booking notes are appointment-specific, and added directly to the appointment. Bookings notes might include one-off formulas used, progress reports, notes made by the client whilst they booked online, or notifications from the client that they may be running late. 

On the left-hand side of a new appointment, you'll be able to view the client's historical appointments and bookings notes for easy reference. 


From the main calendar, when you hover over the appointment, the booking notes will be clearly on display. 


Booking Notes can be viewed on the calendar as well as in the Client's Appointment History in their profile under the Clients tab.

You can still edit Booking Notes after the appointment has been checked out and completed. Simply select the required appointment, click More Options then Edit Notes.

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