Rebook an Appointment

Once an appointment has been completed and checked out, you'll want to ask whether your client would like to Rebook. Using the Rebook option will replicate the appointment to a future date you select.

There are two ways to Rebook:   

1. Rebook at the last stage of checkout

When an appointment has finished, you will be able to Check Out and apply a payment type to complete the checkout. Once the payment is complete, you'll have the option to click the Rebook button to replicate the exact appointment for a future date:Screen-Shot-2018-05-28-at-18.11.16.jpg

2. Rebook from a completed appointment

An alternative way to rebook an appointment is from the Calendar view. Simply click on a completed appointment, click the More Options button, and select Rebook. Clicking this option will then allow you to click anywhere on the calendar to copy and paste this exact appointment:


TIP: An appointment may only be rebooked once it has been completed. See the article Raise an Invoice to learn how to use our POS features. 

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