Cancel an Appointment

Whether an appointment was a test, a mistake, or canceled by the client, it's super easy to cancel and track your appointments. In this guide we're going to show you how to:

    1. Cancel an appointment
    2. Track canceled appointments

1. Cancel an appointment

To cancel an appointment from the calendar, click on the appointment you want to remove and click the More Options tab. Then, click the red Cancel button:area-1528725094239.gifAlternatively, you can head to Sales >  Appointments to see a list of all appointments, and select the appointment from the list:


TIP: You'll be able to set up any cancelation reason that you like. You can learn more about how to Set Up Cancelation Reasons.

2. Track canceled appointments

It's important to note that no appointments will ever go missing. All appointments, including canceled ones, are kept track of. This is to make sure that you have full visibility on your calendar activity and to be able to detect if appointments are incorrectly marked as canceled.

To track canceled appointments, go to the left-hand Navigation Menu, and click on Sales > Appointments. Here you'll see a full list of appointments with their statuses, such as Completed, No Show, and Canceled. From this view, any appointment can be viewed, opened, and edited.


Tip: If your customer has changed their mind and would actually like to book the appointment you've already canceled, simply click on the canceled appointment, select More Options and click Rebook. You'll then be given the option to select a slot on the calendar.


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