How do I resend blasts to recipients who haven’t seen my message?

When sending blast campaigns, your recipients may not see your message on the initial send. With Fresha’s Blast marketing functionality, we help you ensure you reach as many of these recipients as possible with our resend feature

When you send a blast campaign we automatically monitor its progress for 48 hours, after which we will send you an email updating you on your campaign’s progress. If the open rate (or click rate for text message campaigns) is below expectations, you can easily resend to those recipients in just a few clicks.

Resend your recent blast campaign

There are several ways you can access the resend feature for your blast campaign:

  • From within your Campaign progress email, which Fresha will send 48 hours after your campaign is sent.
  • Within the  •••  icon in the blast campaign list.
  • Within the Options menu in the campaign overview.
  1. Using one of the above methods, select Resend unopened emails (or Resend unopened texts).
  2. Click Resend now at the bottom of the email. 
  3. Within the resend wizard, confirm the campaign details and adjust the audience if you wish.
  4. Click Next step to review the payment details and cost summary.
  5. Once you’re happy with this campaign, click Send now

You’ll be notified that Your campaign has been sent successfully!

PRO TIP:You can preview the campaign content at any time in the resend wizard using the Preview button in the top right of the screen.


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