Card terminal PIN codes

Securely access areas of your Fresha card terminal with dedicated PIN codes. We'll talk you through the PIN codes needed for a V400m and S1 card terminal.

In this guide, we’ll cover: 

Fresha card terminal overview

Fresha card terminals is a quick and easy payment method which allows you to accept in-store payments from clients who can choose to pay in a range of ways. These devices are fully integrated with your business account. When using your Fresha card terminal, certain areas and functions will require a PIN code to ensure that only the person with the correct permissions can have access. You’ll need to use these PIN codes when prompted to access functions or troubleshoot your terminal.

Each Fresha card terminal model has slightly different PIN codes. You’ll need to follow the steps for your terminal: 

  • S1
  • V400m

Getting started 

When using your Fresha card terminal, you’ll need to be connected to the internet (WiFi or mobile hotspot).

PIN codes for a Fresha S1 card terminal

  • Admin menu: PIN 5358
  • Transactions menu: PIN 3773

PIN codes for a V400m card terminal

  • Staff menu: PIN 1234 followed by the green circle button.

  • Admin menu: PIN 5358 followed by the green circle button.

Fresha’s top tips

🟣 The Fresha S1 card terminal does not have a Staff menu. When you tap on the FRESHA logo, you’ll see two options: Settings and Transactions.

Fresha FAQs

What should I do if my card terminal freezes when I enter the PIN? 

It may be that you have used incorrect digits if you experience any freezing after entering the PIN code on your card terminal. We recommend trying a hard reset before reporting an issue

What is the passcode for my card terminal?

Fresha card terminals will require a passcode (PIN code) for access to certain functions. It’s important to have the correct PIN code for your level of permission and device model.

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