Inserting the receipt paper roll

Need to replace your card terminal receipt paper roll? We’ll have you printing receipts again in no time. Learn how to quickly insert the receipt paper roll into your Fresha card terminal and get back to checking out appointments. 

In this guide, we’ll cover: 

Fresha card terminals overview 

Fresha card terminals are a quick and easy payment method which allows you to accept in-store payments from clients who can choose to pay in a range of ways. These portable devices are fully integrated with your business account, making checking out a streamlined process. Once you’ve taken payment from a client using your Fresha card terminal, you can generate and print receipts. If your receipt paper has pink stripes, this means your paper roll is almost finished and will need replacing. 

Getting started 

You won’t need any additional equipment to replace the receipt paper roll in your card terminal. Just ensure you have purchased a receipt paper roll that’s compatible with your device. 

How to insert a receipt paper roll into a card terminal

  1. Pull up the latch of the paper compartment and swing the cover downwards.

  2. Insert the paper roll, making sure the paper sticks out a bit.

  3. Close the cover of the paper roll compartment.

Select the card terminal model you have below to view a step-by-step video on how to insert the receipt paper roll:

TOP TIP: When ordering receipt paper rolls online, buy thermal paper rolls (57mm width x 40mm diameter) which work with both models.


Can I disable the card terminal receipt printer if I don’t want to produce receipts? 

If you no longer wish to print receipts from your Fresha card terminal, you can contact our team who will be happy to assist with disabling this function.

If I disable receipt printing on my terminal, can I choose to still use this on some checkouts?

Disabling receipt printing on your terminal will apply to all card terminal sales. You can still print receipts after the sale, using a receipt printer.

Why do my receipts have pink stripes on them? 

If your receipt paper has pink stripes, this means your paper roll is almost finished and will need replacing.

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