Hard resetting a card terminal

Need to hard reset your Fresha card terminal? We’ve got you covered. Follow our quick guide for performing a hard reset on V400m or S1 Fresha card terminals. 

In this guide, we’ll cover: 

Fresha card terminals overview 

Fresha card terminals are a quick and easy payment method which allows you to accept in-store payments from clients who can choose to pay in a range of ways. 

If you find that your card terminal is not working properly after attempting to reboot, you may want to try a hard reset of your device. This process will temporarily deactivate the terminal before you restart. And all of your details will still be available on the device after you restart. 

Hard reset steps vary depending on the card terminal model you have:

  • S1
  • V400m

Getting started 

To perform a  Fresha card terminal hard rest, you’ll need to have your card terminal charger and be able to plug it into a power source. 

How to hard reset a Fresha S1 card terminal 

  1. Take the battery lid off and pull the battery out of the card terminal.

  2. Wait 10 seconds and then put the battery back. 

  3. Press and hold the power button until the display turns ON.

How to hard reset a V400m card terminal

  1. Take the battery lid off and pull the battery out of the card terminal.
  2. Press and hold the ❌ button for at least 10 seconds.
  3. Put the battery back and plug the power cable back in.
  4. Leave the terminal to restart (this may take up to 5 minutes).

Fresha FAQs

What if my card terminal does not turn back on when I hard restart? 

If your Fresha card terminal does not switch back on after 5 minutes of hard resetting, we recommend reaching out to our team for more support and assistance.

When should I hard reset my card terminal? 

If you find that your Fresha card terminal is not working and you have already tried to reboot the device with no success, you can perform a hard reset before trying our troubleshooting solutions or contacting our team. 

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