Order a Fresha card terminal

Need a quick, safe and simple way to take payments from clients in-store? Fresha’s card terminals allow your business to do just that. Here, we’ll walk you through the two steps needed to order your card terminal. 

In this guide, we’ll cover: 

Getting started 

To get started, you must set up payment processing with Fresha before you can request a Fresha card terminal. You’ll need to send a card terminal request which we'll review and approve, before sending you an email where you can then purchase your terminal

Order a Fresha card terminal

If you would like to purchase a terminal, you’ll need to submit a card terminal request, through your Fresha account, following these steps:

  1. Head to Payments and select Request Terminal.
  2. Enter the requested details about your business. 
  3. Add your contact details and click Send request.

Fresha will review your request and send a confirmation email once this has been approved will include a payment link which can be used to purchase your card terminal.  

Purchase a Fresha card terminal

The approval confirmation email will include a payment link which can be used to purchase your card terminal.  

  1. From the approval email, click on the payment link or head to Payments.
  2. Review your order summary and add your payment method. 
  3. Add shipping details and click Pay now

Once your payment has been processed, our team will package your card terminal and aim to deliver it within three working days. We’ll send you an email with a tracking link when your card terminal has been dispatched. You can track the status of your request under Card terminals in your account.

After receiving your card terminal, you’ll need to get this activated.


Where are Fresha terminals available to order? 

Fresha card terminals are currently available in: 

Australia Finland Luxembourg Spain
Austria France Netherlands Sweden
Belgium Germany New Zealand Switzerland
Canada Greece Malta Romania
Croatia Ireland Norway United Kingdom
Czech Republic Italy Poland United States
Cyprus Lithuania Portugal  
Denmark Liechtenstein Singapore  


If your country isn't listed above, keep an eye out as we’re working on making our card terminal available in more countries and hope to have yours added soon. 

Q. Can I order more than one card terminal for my business? 

You can order multiple Fresha card terminals per business location. This allows your team members to checkout more than one appointment at a time if you have a larger business. 

Q. Will the card terminal have my business logo on it? 

Fresha card terminals will come with a Fresha logo instead of your business logo. This is because it’s a Fresha device which is provided to help create a cohesive checkout experience for both you and your clients. 

Q. Is there a monthly fee for Fresha card terminals? 

There are no monthly rental fees for our Fresha card terminals. Aside from the initial cost to purchase a card terminal, you’ll only need to pay a low transaction fee.

Q. Before I order my card terminal, will I need to set up anything in my business to use it?

Fresha’s card terminals are fully integrated with your business account. To run your card terminal within your business, you’ll need to be able to connect to WiFi as the card terminal must be connected to the internet. You can also use a hotspot from a mobile phone for the terminal to work.

Q. How long will it take for my card terminal to arrive? 

From the time you purchase your Fresha card terminal, our team will package your card terminal and aim to deliver it within three working days. You can track your delivery through a tracking link sent via email.

Q. Can I cancel my terminal request if I no longer want one?

When you receive an approval email for your terminal request, you can choose to either proceed by purchasing one through the link provided or cancel your request by discarding the approval email. You won't need to let Fresha know about this as your request will automatically expire if you do not follow the steps to purchase a card terminal.

Q. How do I upgrade my card terminal? 

Upgrading to a newer Fresha card terminal is super simple. All you need to do is request a new terminal under Payments. When sending your request, let us know the current terminal model you have and request to upgrade. Currently, the Fresha S1 card terminal is the latest model available which comes with a built-in printer.  

Q. Is a Fresha card terminal the same as an eftpos machine? 

Fresha’s card terminal is classed as EFTPOS (Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale) as it allows you to take payments from clients in-store for the appointments connected to your Fresha account.

Q. What should I do if my Fresha card terminal battery won’t charge and keeps losing power? 

You may need to upgrade your Fresha card terminal if you find that the battery needs charging regularly.  To look into upgrading your device, follow the steps to order a new card terminal. If your card terminal is new and you’re experiencing issues with the battery, we recommend reporting an issue for Fresha to investigate.

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