Processing payments using a card terminal

Ready to start using your Fresha card terminal? We’ll talk you through how to start processing payments in-store. 

In this guide, we’ll cover: 

Fresha card terminals overview  

Fresha card terminals are a quick and easy payment method which allows you to accept in-store payments from clients who can choose to pay in a range of ways. 

These portable devices are fully integrated with your business account, making checking out a streamlined process. You’ll be prompted with simple steps to check out appointments directly on the card terminal.

Getting started 

To start processing payments with your card terminal, you’ll first need to activate the terminal and complete an appointment. Using your business account and the Fresha card terminal, you can follow the steps below to provide your client with a quick and convenient way to make payment. 

How to process payments using a card terminal

  1. Go to Calendar and select the appointment you’d like to raise an invoice for.

  2. Click Checkout to be redirected to the New sale page.

  3. Add any products, services, memberships, and gift cards to the cart.

  4. Click on the items in your cart to apply a discount, change the service provider, or the team member who raised, invoiced, and took the payment

  5. Click Continue

  6. Once you’re happy with your changes, click Charge and select the payment method Card terminal

  7. On the terminal, clients can add a tip or they can skip this step by selecting No tip on the card terminal.

  8. Once confirmed, they can follow the instructions on the card terminal to complete the transaction.

Fresha’s top tips

🟣 You can choose when to ask clients if they’d like to leave a tip. Click here to manage your tip settings.

Fresha's FAQs

What ways can clients make payment via my card terminal? 

Fresha card terminals accept contactless, signature, and chip and PIN payments from all major debit and credit cards including Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Clients can also use digital payment options as our terminals accept payments through Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Can I enter my client's card details on my card terminal to take payment? 

Card terminals are designed to take in-store payments directly from clients. It’s not possible for you or your client to manually enter card details into the terminal as payments can only be taken via chip and PIN from debit and credit cards, contactless, signature and digital wallets. Clients can add, delete or update their card details through their Fresha account should they wish to checkout using another payment method. 

Can I process a split payment via Fresha using a card terminal?

You can process split payments with Fresha using a card terminal and any other payment method available through Fresha. For this, you can select Split payment as the payment method when checking out an appointment and choose Card terminal along with either the alternative method. 

Can I do a split payment using 2 different cards using the terminal?

Fresha card terminals are compatible with the split payment method which allows you to take payment via the terminal and another Fresha payment method such as cash or voucher. Fresha card terminals will not accept two separate credit or debit card payments to be taken for one appointment as only one invoice can be produced.  

Can my client still leave a tip if I checkout using a card terminal? 

Clients will have the option to leave a tip if you have enabled this within your tip settings

If I want to take a deposit from my client using the card terminal, can I manually type in the amount I want to take?

All appointment costs must be set up through your Fresha account when accepting payments using a Fresha card terminal. Currently, the Fresha card terminal does not support the function to manually type in / key in an amount directly into the device. If you want to take a deposit from a client, we recommend setting this up as a separate appointment.

How do I add a service charge to the appointment cost when checking out with a card terminal? 

Service charges can be added to the appointment through your Fresha account. This will then be included in your total appointment cost when charging your client using a card terminal. 


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