What is happening to vouchers?

We’ve made some exciting changes at Fresha to help you promote your brand and attract new customers. Starting from the end of July, we‘re replacing vouchers with all-new gift cards which come with a whole host of new benefits for you and your customers.

We understand this change may affect your business, so we want to provide you with all the essential information:

What are vouchers?

  • Vouchers were created for clients to purchase and redeem against specific services. These were available to purchase in-store, online through the Marketplace or through your website.
  • Vouchers can no longer be created and sold however, clients with existing vouchers can still find and use these through the Vouchers section in their Fresha account.

Why is Fresha replacing vouchers?

  • Gift cards offer your customers the freedom to choose their preferred products or services, ensuring they get something they truly want.
  • Your customers can buy personalised gift cards that can be shared and redeemed multiple times (up to the gift card value), across various items.

How will gift cards work?

  • Gift cards can be purchased in-store or online through the Marketplace, your website or social media pages if you have set up Fresha Pay.
  • These can be redeemed only in the store (location) from which they were purchased against services, products, tips and service charges.
  • Once a Gift card is purchased, online or in-store through Fresha, the funds will be transferred to your account similar any other sales transaction. 

What will happen to my existing vouchers? 

  • Don’t worry, we know that some of your clients may still have valid vouchers to use, so Fresha will automatically convert these into gift cards and you can continue to redeem these in-store against any products and services you offer instead of the selected service initially allocated to the voucher.
  • The original voucher value and expiry date will remain the same on the gift card
  • From the end of July, clients will no longer have the option to purchase vouchers. Instead, they will be able to purchase and use gift cards.

Where I can view and access my existing vouchers?

  • You’ll have full access to view and manage your vouchers/gift cards through Gift cards sold. Just click on the Gift card code to view the Activity and Details.
  • You can also Share, Print, Download or Extend the expiry date for each gift card by clicking Actions

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