Set up gift cards

Boost your revenue and attract new clients using gift cards. Learn how to create gift cards that can be shared with friends and family or redeemed against products and services.

This guide covers: 

Getting started

Gift cards can be sold in-store and online or in-store only. Before selling gift cards online:

Setting up gift cards 

  1. Open Workspace settings, select Sales then Gift cards.
  2. Click Edit next to Availability and Values.
  3. Use the toggle under Gift cards, to allow gift cards to be sold and redeemed at your business. 
  4. Choose whether to sell gift cards both in-store and online, or just in-store, using the dropdown menu under Available for sale.
  5. Add preset values for the gift cards for easy client purchases. To delete a value, click the bin icon next to it.
  6. To let clients choose their own gift card amounts, check the box to Allow custom values and specify the minimum and maximum amounts.
  7. Set the default Expiration period for all sold gift cards using the dropdown. The gift card validity period is calculated from the date of purchase.
  8. Use the toggle to allow clients to select a gift card design when purchasing through a direct booking link.
  9. Click Save.


Q. Why can’t I sell gift cards online?
To receive funds from online gift card sales, payment processing must be enabled and verified. Fresha Payment processing is available in a few countries, and we are working to introduce this feature in more countries.

Q. How many preset gift card values can I add?
You can set up to five preset gift card values.

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