How do clients add gift cards to their account?

Gift cards can be shared multiple times between clients and used anytime up to the card value or until the expiration date. Once a gift card has been shared, there are many ways a client can add this to their Fresha account.

Add gift cards to your account using the gift card code

  1. Log into your Fresha account, click on your profile photo and select Gift cards
  2. Click Add gift cards
  3. Enter the gift card code and click Add to your account.  
  4. The gift card will appear in your Fresha account under Gift cards.  

Adding gift cards received via email 

  1. From the gift card email, click Add to your account
  2. This will open up your account on the Fresha app or website. 
  3. Your gift card can be found in your Fresha account under Gift cards.

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