How do I extend the gift card’s expiry date?

Choosing to extend the expiry date of a gift card is at your discretion and can be done at any time by following these simple steps: 

  1. Go to Sales and select Gift cards sold
  2. Search and select the gift card you wish to extend the expiry date for. 
  3. Click on Actions and select Extend.
  4. Using the date drop-down menu, select the new expiration date.
  5. Click Update. The change will be logged in the gift card’s activity.


  • The expiry date for Gift cards can be extended at your discretion following the above steps.
  • The expire date for Vouchers (this feature has been replaced with Gift cards) cannot be extended or altered. To honour services from expired vouchers, we recommend creating a 100% off deal to apply at checkout. For easy tracking, include the original voucher code.

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