Marketplace image guidelines 

Set yourself apart on the Fresha Marketplace using high-quality images for your profile. We’ll guide you through the best way to optimise pictures to show off your business. 

This guide covers: 

Marketplace images overview 

Set up your online profile with a gallery of unique images that capture your business’s personality and leave a lasting impression. Making sure these are high-quality and sized to perfection will help show your high standards and attract new clients. 

Getting started 

Before getting started, you’ll need to collect between 3-10 digital images of your salon or business for your online profile. These will need uploading in either JPEG or PNG format.  

Best practice for marketplace images

Your images will populate differently across multiple touchpoints online. To make sure they shine at every stage, stick to these rules: 

✔️ Use the recommended resolution. 

For the best results, we recommend uploading images with a resolution of 2727 x 1545 pixels (or at least a minimum of 1818 x 1030 pixels). To upload images in the highest resolution, try 3636 x 2060 pixels.

Low-resolution images will appear stretched and cropped from the top and bottom. 

✔️ Upload a minimum of 3 images of your business.

Uploading at least 3 images to your gallery will showcase a full range of what your business experience has to offer. This also prevents your images from being stretched and cropped when resized to fit a full-width display layout on your venue page and within the client’s search results when browsing.

✔️ Lead with the best centrally focused image of your business.

Choose an inviting main image as this will be the first thing clients see on your venue page. 

Your business's icon will be generated from a square snippet taken from the centre of your main image. A centrally focused image will ensure that the main elements will remain in the frame when the icon appears in the client's search preview and cart when placing a booking.

✔️ Use clear images with a central focus.

Clear images taken in well-lit areas of your business will work best for making your online profile visually appealing to clients.

Check out some examples of these rules in action:  


✔️ Image resolution of 2727 x 1545 pixels.

✔️ Minimum of 3 images used.

✔️ Clear centrally focused images


❌ Low-resolution image. 

❌ Only one image was used.

NOTE: Images smaller than 909 x 515 cannot be uploaded to your marketplace profile.


  • Avoid uploading an image with your business’s logo or text. These can become distorted when resized to fit certain layouts. If you want to include a logo image, upload this as the second of three images so the logo will be visible in the top-right corner of your venue page without any obstructions.
  • Businesses with top-quality images get 380% more bookings, so take time to capture and select a good range of pictures capture and select a good range of pictures. If you’re not too savvy with a camera, reach out to our team to book a professional photoshoot session.

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