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Below, you'll discover the guidelines and requirements for providing the company registration document:

Accepted proof of company registration

Your company registration documents can be either: 

  • An extract from the chamber of commerce (trade register).
  • Articles of incorporation.

Company registration requirements

General requirements

The company registration document must:

  • Be issued within the last 12 months.
  • Be signed and dated by the entity's authorized signatory, and show that the document reflects the current state of affairs.

Country specific requirements

United Kingdom

  • The company name must be an exact match of the name listed on the bank statement. You can copy the name from the Companies House.


  • All Australian partners will have the option to apply only as a company.
  • The company name must be an exact match of the entity name listed in the ABN database.
  • The ABN number must be correct.
  • Some partners will add their business name as a company name, which is why they might have been rejected. Searching the registry and adding the exact same name might get them verified (if all other documents are valid).

New Zealand



  • If GST registered, you can can add your GST number under the Business number or a business registration number. 
  • The company name must be an exact match to the one listed on the bank statement, and the GST registry or Canada's business registries.
  • Provide certificate of incorporation.

United States

Some companies do not appear properly in US's business registries, which is why you will be requested to upload any of the following:

If you have an EIN number, but the IRS document is in your personal name, you must apply as a company, not as an individual. Additionally, the company name must be an exact match of the information on the IRS document.

NOTE: In the DBA (Doing Business As) field make sure to add the business name exactly as listed on your bank statement if it is not the exact same name as company name. Do not add your business name in the company name field as doing so may result in the rejection of your application.

European Union


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